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Ticitech Medical Solutions understands the real problems of the users of diagnostic medical equipment. The increasing cost of services and supplies is breaking the backbone of real consumers. We work in harmony with the OEM’s to offer the alternative solutions to the day to day problems of the consumers.

Ticitech Medical Solutions has a unique approach to find the cost effective alternative solutions for these problems. We are specialized in providing the following alternative solutions:

  • Consultation, Designing and Managing, either a stand-alone radiology institute or radiology department within the hospital.
  • Acquisition of new equipment at better terms and conditions.
  • Valuable solution for your old equipment.
  • Spare parts supply with all the guarantees.


Ticitech Medical Solutions is one of the leading Imaging technology consulting, services, and business process outsourcing organization that envisioned and pioneered the adoption of the flexible global business practices that today enable our partners to operate more efficiently.

To help healthcare organizations, facing a more and more complex environment, Ticitech Medical Solutions has designed new very innovating audit and consulting services for customers. Services, which bring quality, cost reduction or capacity solutions in order to optimize their machine or department patient flow and organization.

Our consultants, who are radiologists and Imaging technicians with vast medical and technical experience, discuss and analyse the requirements of our clients to offer a realistic technical and cost effective financial proposal for the execution of projects.

Education and Training

Ticitech Medical Solutions is successfully imparting training and education in the field of diagnostic imaging. Our educational programs are designed keeping in mind the latest trends in the industry. Our program is a perfect balance of theory and practical training. We make sure that our program provides real time industry benefits to the participants.

Our programs are accredited by major Swiss Medical Societies making them a valuable asset. Greatest care is taken while selecting the faculty and the visiting speakers. We make sure that faculty and the visiting speaker deliver lectures from their Major Field of education so that highest level of competence is reached. Our modern methodology of education also offers a possibility for discussion outside classes between the participants and the faculty.

We at Ticitech aim to provide education at the highest level, which is CME officially certified by different Swiss scientific societies.


Ticitech Med Movers, is a specialized division of Ticitech Medical Solutions which offers a global network of logistics for installation, dismantling, packaging, transportation and custom clearances of medical equipment.

We secure our clients by providing insurance packages when the machines are dismantled, transported and reinstalled by us in any part of the world.

We have warehouses in various parts of US, Europe, Asia, Russia, Australia and the middle East and we also offer storage facilities along with insurance packages. This way we secure the investment of our clients against natural disasters, human negligence etc.

Used Image Equipment

Ticitech Medical Solutions is one of the leading re-marketer/refurbishes of all used medical equipment and X-ray/ Diagnostic equipment including MRI, CT Scanners, RF Rooms, Cath Labs, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine, Bone Densitometry, Ultrasound, Computer Radiology and Printers and all accessory items used within the radiology industry.

Ticitech Medical Solution purchases used medical equipment directly from clinics, hospitals, private physicians and imaging centres without the involvement of any third party.

Our Quality Assurance team assures that the equipment being resold is without any defects, is as per quality standards and is guaranteed against DOA.

We sell used equipment (Reconditioned or non-reconditioned) to Imaging Equipment Dealers, Imaging centres and large hospitals in Europe, US, Asia, Australia, Russia and the Middle East.

Assets Management

Ticitech Medical Solutions also deals in asset recovery within the Medical Equipment market. We have long experience working directly with the industry’s leading OEMs with the disposition of used, re-conditioned, obsolete, and off lease equipment. We have the ability to aggregate product in multiple locations worldwide and manage logistics to save time and ensure maximum ROI for our vendors.

Our staff is comprised of highly qualified professionals who are always up to date with the ever-changing technology within the medical Imaging field.

Our customers are experienced industry leaders and we have developed strong business relationships with few of the worlds leading VAR’s, Re-Marketers, and End User Clientele to ensure discrete redeployment of your equipment into the secondary market.

Project Management

We have a wide experience in full turnkey projects, including site inspection, installation, de-installation, crating, insurance and transport around the world. With our qualified and experienced team of project managers, “Ticitech Medical Solutions” is able to offer complete project management.

Our entire project management package includes:

  • Site inspections
  • Forecasting precisely the project budget and duration.
  • Project drawings and site preparations for the chosen product.
  • Look for the professional and cost effective resources to execute the project.
  • Establishing the initial contacts with all the suppliers involved in the project.
  • Co-ordinating and optimizing all phases of the project with various suppliers.
  • Handling over of protocols at the successful execution of the project.


Ticitech Medical Solutions With our vast experience in this industry we know that generating money for high investment projects like standalone diagnostic imaging clinic or a radiology section with in the hospital or just a single Imaging equipment is not an easy task.

We offer Financing services to assist you with a complete financing package. Big or small, if your organization or you as an individual are credit worthy then you will get an answer from our side.

We offer financing for a single machine to setup of a full range diagnostic imaging clinic.

We also have options wherein we partner with existing hospitals to setup a full range diagnostic imaging section with in the hospital.

To know more about these options feel free to contact us

Dismantling And Installation

Ticitech Medical Solutions has a team of qualified professionals who are expert in dismantling a wide range of medical Imaging equipment and are daily on the rods to provide the services to the clients.

TWhether dismantling the system for storage, for resale or for parts we follow a stringent process assuring that extreme care is taken so that the equipment doesn’t get damaged. All the parts are individually wrapped and labelled so that assembling them is easy and a quick process.

TOur customers are asked to make a thorough inspection of the dismantled equipment before transportation. This leads to satisfaction and sense of security.

TWe have worldwide references where we are executing and offering these services.

Re- Conditioning

We have expertise in re-conditioning used medical equipment. With our in house facility of re-conditioning used Imaging equipment we ensure that proper procedures are being followed and quality parts are being used while re-conditioning the equipment.

Our QA team checks these equipment for quality assurance and assures that the re-conditioned equipment is free of defects and is as per quality standards.

Our re-conditioned equipment are guaranteed against DOA and also come with other warranties where ever applicable.

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