We are a Worldwide provider of used and new medical imaging equipment and Services. We are located in Switzerland with our offices in Zurich and Cadenazzo. We also have our office in Germany and India.

Situated in beautiful south region of Switzerland, Ticitech SA is a worldwide provider of used and new medical imaging equipment and services.

While having a strong presence in Europe and India we also supply equipment to other parts of the world such as the US, Middle East and Asia Pacific. We provide quality services and equipment to diverse segment of clients ranging from imaging equipment supplier, standalone diagnostic imaging clinics to large institutions like hospitals and medical colleges.

We believe in providing complete diagnostic imaging solution to our clients. To achieve this we have a unique business model.

We have a skilled and professional workforce that includes efficient Office staff, Product managers, Project managers, Radiology technicians, Radiologists and Imaging technicians. We deliver result oriented, cost effective and cutting-edge commercial solutions for your business. Our solutions work effectively with your existing infrastructure which reduces down-time and extra expenses from the very day you hire us.

We bring proven experience, vast industry knowledge, best technology and forward-looking innovations to enable our clients achieve maximum returns from their investments.

Ticitech Medical Solutions strives to be a total solution provider to its clientele. We pride ourselves on maintaining long-term business relationships with our clients through our hard work, knowledge and expertise.
We look forward to showing you that our reputation for quality is well deserved!

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