X-Ray Tubes

Ticitech Medical Solutions is one of the leading assemblers of X-Ray tubes for GE CT Scanners. We have a State-of-the-Art CT Tube Assembly Facility in India. Through this facility we assemble CT tubes for GE CT Scanners with heat capacity of 350KHU to 8MHU. We have worldwide clientele and repeated orders from our satisfied customers.   

Quality of our tubes and our assembly process follow highest international standards. We use high quality material and replacement parts from renowned manufacturers while assembling the tubes. We use quality parts from OEMs like Parker, Tark, Comair etc.. All parts used in assembly of tubes are directly sourced from manufacturers.

We use state of the art test equipment for testing dielectric strength of oil, insulation resistance of the stator coil. Once the tube is assembled it is tested on a suitable CT system for functionality. Our tubes meet or exceed required operating parameters.  

Contact Us for more information on our X-Ray tubes and their prices. 

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